Wednesday, January 13, 2010


A sweet, fun, loving, affectionate little friend
Trusting, intelligent, playful

I am so glad we had her, so sad she is gone. I only hope she had a peaceful, merciful passing. Aloha sweet friend. Rest well, rest in God's lap sweet friend, bye.

I saw a poster today that really shook me up. It was in an alley in the neighborhood, it said to be on the watch for suspiscious vehicles because someone has been grabbing cats evidently with intention to harm them. The poster had lost 3 cats in the last few days. I am so shook. Our beautiful little cat Fubu has been missing for well over a month now. It destroys me to think that someone might have been cruel to that sweet little loving soul. Plus, about a year ago we found her in the street disoriented, took her to the vet who said someone had deliberately injured her--her injury could have come no other way, not from a dog or a car or falling off a roof. How can people do these things? How can you possibly be cruel to a defenseless small trusting little animal? If this is really a cat killer on the loose I hope they find him, or her. I can't think of appropriate punishment. Keep em locked away in a mental hospital forever.

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