Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Few More

Just a few more O'ahu photos.  What a beautiful island!  And I did enjoy Waikiki a lot.  I am not the Kalalau Kid any more, probably no more hikes for me, I liked never being cold or even cool, I liked jumping in warm (mehana) ocean (kai) for a swim.  True, you can swim in Cali in the winter, but why put yourself through that?  Only got rained out one day, spent that in the hotel room watching TV, but one people have gotten 10 straight days of rain.  It is so easy to photo Hawai'i, it is the best subject.  I'd find myself just lying on the beach, always in shade of course, just staring, just taking it all in:  the placid blue azure green limpid translucent clear water, the sky, the clouds, the activity at sea including surfing, boating, canoeing, etc.  Just staring.  Hour after hour.  We always knew Waikiki remained and remains an excellent beach regardless of the overpowering humanity and civilizing of the place, but I always enjoyed the show, always impressed by big buildings and enjoyed people watching and the mix of cultures which now includes Russians, Chinese, and Koreans as well as Hawaiians and Japanese.  Saw a direct flight to Fukuoka listed on the flight board at the airport and thought of my kumu, wondered if he'd ever made it to Hawai'i, and what new languages he had mastered; when he was teaching me Hawaiian he was, I believe, simultaneously learning Thai an Portugese, it was a real stroke of luck running into him on the internet, to get professional quality language instruction in Hawaiian.  But since Charlie got sick I haven't studied it or anything else much.  Anyway, Waikiki was a blast.  The hotel was basic but adequate, I had a room with a view of other hotels and the parking lot, but actually that was good because the exterior rooms, I learned, were noisy from the street plus the sports bar in front of which often lurked some rather dubious looking characters. A great discovery was a supermarket only a block away, so I didn't have to eat all my meals in restaurants.  I loved the noodle house, there is a Japanese word for it, maybe I will find its picture.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Huakai I Waikiki

The doctor said I have about 5 good years left before the cancer comes back and kills me, he said to enjoy the time I have so I went to Waikiki for a kick back session on O'ahu, what a BEAUTIFUL island!  I don't like to think about dying, it hardly seems possible, I feel fine, but he seems pretty sure some of those rogue cells are still running around in me and the ones not treatable by Lupron will do me in.  Gloom.  So there's really no point in saving for old age:  there won't BE any!

I needed the relax time at Waikiki, it was easy, no stress, just walk down to the beach every day, get some sun, some shade, swim.  I met an Australian bloke, kinda interesting to talk with, he seems to be a very successful rich businessman.

Why does there have to be cancer?



Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ka- hoanoho ka'a pipi'i

He Lamborgini ke-ia ka-a.  Ka- hoanoho ia.  Ua hana i Ikalia ia.  Mana'o ko'u hoaloha i Palekane (maopopo oia nui no na ka'a) kumu ku-ai ia kokoke elua haneli kaukani kala !  He ka-ne 'o-pio ka mea ke-ia ka'a.  Nu-ne- au he aha kono hana.  Waiwai nui kono makuahine, he hale 'aina Italia kono.  Ua lawe paha oia ke ka'a a kono keiki ka-ne.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

23000 views?  HOW?  WHO?  WHY???

Pehea?, o wai?, no ke aha?

Mehana i ke kulanakauhale ke-ia la- a me i nehinei, aka anu nui na- koena o ke aupuni.  Nui ke hau kea  i na kulanakauhale i ka hikina.  A, hele i kahakai ma anei.  Like me Hawai'i ke-ia mau la-, aka hele ke anu a me ke ua i ka Po-eha.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Who Reads This?

Answer in comments please if you are reading this and why.  The blogspot data shows people actually read this, like 30 a day sometimes.  Why?  Lets go dictionary dipping...Today's word is MA-NALO, meaning drinkable as in water as in WAIMANALO, a beautiful place on the windward side of O'ahu.  I guess windward side would be aoao makani, or aoao hikina (east).  Aloha

Friday, December 6, 2013

It has been a while.  Its winter now and cold, the heat has been on for 12 hours, the cat is sleeping by my feet, I am bundled up.  Oh to be in Hana.  Or Hilo.  Or Hanalei.  I have Hawaiian weather on the cell phone, its always warm there.  Not necessarily nice, but warm.  Oh you get 82 degrees which is great but it can be 82 with torrential downpours and heavy wind.  The locals love it when they get snow on Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, and I guess it gets onto Haleakala sometimes, too.  The cold weather here will ease off gradually, its supposed to be in the 70s late next week.  Rain wind and cold tomorrow.  Oddly, I like that.  I like hearing the rain pound down.  Makemake au lohe a ka haule o ke ua i ke kapoko a i na pukaaniani, a i ka makani i na pama.