Friday, July 5, 2013

The last check mark

Today was the last day.  The last check mark, rang the bell, hugged the staff and told them how wonderful they are, thanked them from the bottom of my heart, I got a graduation certificate.  And tonight, I treat BC to dinner for her immense kindness and support during the horror.  Seems to be all over.  The curative dose was given, I got another shot this morning, I have one of those every 3 months for the next two years, and some check ups.  The numbers were so horrible but the scans showed nothing had landed, the doctors wouldn't have done treatment if they didn't think it would work.  So I can only be hopeful.  Real hopeful.  I met some very nice people at the lounge, 85 year old Bill the retired Methodist minister, such a gentle soul, such a sweet man.  I wish him luck.  I wish us ALL luck!  Regardless of politics, regardless of anything, I wish every human being afflicted with it success.  Amen.

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