Friday, January 31, 2014

Huakai I Waikiki

The doctor said I have about 5 good years left before the cancer comes back and kills me, he said to enjoy the time I have so I went to Waikiki for a kick back session on O'ahu, what a BEAUTIFUL island!  I don't like to think about dying, it hardly seems possible, I feel fine, but he seems pretty sure some of those rogue cells are still running around in me and the ones not treatable by Lupron will do me in.  Gloom.  So there's really no point in saving for old age:  there won't BE any!

I needed the relax time at Waikiki, it was easy, no stress, just walk down to the beach every day, get some sun, some shade, swim.  I met an Australian bloke, kinda interesting to talk with, he seems to be a very successful rich businessman.

Why does there have to be cancer?

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Unknown said...

Aloha mai kaua, e hui kala mai no keia wahi mea lohi. Akahi no wau a heluhelu i keia a luu no wau i ka mea kaumaha loa nou. Pehea oe?