Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Hanohano o Maui, a wonderful video with wonderful music. Behold the glory of Maui. So much of it to love. This song should be playing on the radio while you drive west on the highway past Ho'okipa toward Kahului, sugar cane blowing in the wind on your left, magnificent waves in an impossibly blue sea on your right, and magnificent green mountains touching the clouds straight ahead, indeed, the glory of Maui. These are wonderful islands, all of them.
I became a Man on Kaua'i hiking the Kalalau trail. Nothing can ever take that away from me. I found my soul there, greater strength than I ever thought I had and melted by the beauty, the overwhelming beauty of the place.
The Big Island so wild so new so raw yet so delicate at Onomea and the coast north from Hilo, the huge mountains snow capped in the tropics. I LOVE Hawai'i...
These boys from Holland enjoyed their trip so much they put this wonderful song as background for some of their pics, thanks to them. The song is by The Pandanus Club, E Waianae...

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