Tuesday, May 14, 2013

From The Varian Company

The radiation machine at the Moores cancer center at UCSD.  Runs about $3 million.  I have another 30 + days to go.

You lie on that little table.  They scan you for a few minutes to make sure your innards are optimal, then the scanning panels withdraw and the star trek object circles for two minutes, side to side, I timed it.  There are two pictures taped onto the star trek object, one I never figured out, a bird trying to eat a frog with the caption "never give up!" and I couldn't tell if they were talking about the bird or the frog, and another of a little kid with THE most determined look on his face saying "You can do this!"  The fear, the terror.  And now as of this update July 4, day before my last zap, I stand in awe of the place, curing people, giving people back their lives, a temple of healing, an absolute miracle, one of the best facilities of its kind in the world only 15 miles up I 5.

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