Thursday, May 23, 2013

Another Check Mark

Its another check mark, # 16 with 29 to go.  A graduation ceremony yesterday and another today.  I am amazed I am used to this.  And praying to God it works.  At worst its bought me some more time, and driving up there at 2 every afternoon then lying there for 5 minutes is not tough.  Today driving up I thought about 35 years ago being on that road,  I5.  It would have been Charlie & me going up to Black's after watching Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman and some refreshments, for an afternoon of sun and surf and fun fun fun nude on the beach and on the yellow brick road.  And now Charlie is dead, gone for 61 weeks, and I am going up for radiation.  How the times do change.  One of the technicians was interested in seeing a photo of me sporting my huge Hendrix Afro from that era, I shall see if I can find one to show her.

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