Saturday, April 26, 2008

In English Today

There was a shark attack off Solana Beach yesterday. The news reports that the victim died, a 66 year old retired veterenarian who everybody loved--he leaves behind a devastated family and friends. My gripe is with these idiots who want to save the precious sharks. No problem with most sharks. Most sharks do not attack people. But those that do need to be exterminated as a species. That is what you do to survive. That is how you measure human progress. Is the world a better or a worse place for erradicating diphtheria? Should we bring back diphtheria? Don't those precious little germs have as much right to kill us as the precious great white sharks? Its exactly the same. I am astonished to hear that great whites are a protected species, protected by federal law. This needs to be changed. A bounty needs to be put on them. The world would only be a better place without them, without ANY of them, and that goes for all man eating sharks--Tiger sharks, hammerheads, etc. its only about 5 species. But get rid of them for God's sake. Why spray to kill billions of mosquitos, but let murderous sharks roam our beaches at will? The save the sharks people have their heads so firmly wedged up their okoles I can't even believe it. Why not save cancer???

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