Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Little Cat Is Dying

My beautiful little cat is dying and I am so sad. What a beautiful sweet loving little cat she has been. Always trotting down the sidewalk to greet me with a big kitty smile on her face, always eager to be with me wherever I was, shyly looking into my eyes then giving me a kitty kiss right on the nose. So loving. She is dying. Damn. I got her to replace the Great Gray Cat who lived to be 21 and also was a wonderful being who I still miss. And boy did I get attached to her. "Little Vicious" we named her because of how she bossed the other cats around. And they are great cats, too. Fubu almost died, some jerk yanked her tail (so the vet thinks) and almost broke her spine, she still walks with a lurch, but she is alive. Little Vicious will not live much longer. She has cancer. Her breathing comes so hard. She is not in pain but her breathing is difficult for her. She will not last much longer. There has to be a kitty heaven. Such wonderful souls. A big commodious warm lap to lie in, always a full food dish, tall grass to play in and butterflies to chase, warm sun to lie in. God I will miss her.

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