Saturday, April 4, 2009

She Is Gone

She passed away about 7:30 this morning. I had gone in to visit at about 7, she was deeply asleep, hardly breathing at all, but I petted her, she woke up, she flailed and meowed pathetically, then fell back on the mat in a heap and began breathing heavily again. Next time I checked, she was gone. Stiff, not breathing, but still beautiful. So she is in the back yard now with Smoke. I threw away all her things. She won't be needing her kitty bed any more, nor the empty flower box she used to like to sit on, nor her food dishes. There's a new kitty in kitty heaven and if her entry here is any indication, the kitties up there better watch out, because she is a take charge kind of cat! I am so sorry she is gone. I guess I am in shock. She was pretty young actually. After having had cats live to 20 and 21 it is a very disappointing shock to have one pass at...I guess she would have been 12 to 14. What a wonderful cat she was. I hope God takes her cat soul to His heart. God bless her. God bless all cats. Love to all cats.

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