Thursday, October 2, 2008

Missing My Cat

We might have to have her put to sleep if the nerve controlling her bladder doesn't heal. She can't pee on her own, without "expressing", because the nerve that controls the bladder was damaged in some kind of injury that happened either Saturday night or Sunday morning. I found her lying under a car on Sunday morning, very disoriented, with huge dialated eyes. She could not move her back feet, she was dragging herself around on her front paws. Obviously something horrible happened to her. I do not think she got hit by that car because it would have killed her if it had hit her, at this point I think she missed one of her jumps from roof to roof and fell and injured her back and then pulled herself down to the street on her front paws. She has been at the vet getting $130 a day care plus medicine there, and the vet thinks theres only about a 30 % chance she will recover. So I guess its probably going to be all over for her. I miss her. Such a friendly, cute, affectionate, playful, impish, entertaining, social little cat. Always the runt, always getting picked on by the other two, but by far the most intelligent. She totally love (d?) me, always running down the stairs with a big cat smile on her face to greet me whenever I got home. So sad. I am real sad. A wonderful cat.

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